Global Giving 2019 Recognitions: “Effective,” “Vetted,” “Superstar: Top-Ranked 501(c)(3) Non-Profit”

There are a lot of ways to make a difference in the e-NABLE Community.

Your skills and interests are needed by vulnerable people and groups asking for help. Since the e-NABLE method is collaborative, working in person and on line brings people in direct contact with each other. Some projects need people to work directly with vulnerable people in real or virtual schools, camps and care centers, or during times that have heightened security.

A special group has prepared in advance to go to places where a background check is needed.

You are invited to join this core network of Vetted Volunteers.

Please obtain a background check with Sterling Volunteers, a volunteer screening platform used by thousands of volunteer organizations: some hospitals and schools; FIRST Inspires and other youth organizations; Meals on Wheels, Points of Light and other civic organizations; some municipalities and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children); Catholic Charities and other faith-based initiatives, and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Sterling Volunteers is the first and only screening provider to allow volunteers to own and control their own background checks. In the process of submitting your information, you can alert them that you want a Fast Pass in their system to allow you to share your background check with the organizations you select. This will allow you to share your information an unlimited number of times. If you are a member of an organization using Sterling Volunteers for a background check – or if you may work with one over the next year – this may save you time and money.

You can provide your information and any related fees directly on their secure server. All data is encrypted and is stored in a completely secure environment.

Use this link to go to the intake page of their website, create an account and get started.  (

When you are in your own account on the Sterling Volunteer website, look for an area on the right-hand side called “My Screening Checklist.”

If you have an existing background check that has not expired, you will see a badge or seal above your screening checklist. If you would like to select organizations to share it with the e-NABLE Alliance or other groups, use the search field here to locate and designate those organizations. During the third step in the checklist you can find an organization and share your existing background check.

If you need assistance or would like to give feedback, utilize customer service at Sterling Volunteers: or 855-326-1860 Option 1.

Also let us know by email to


Thank you again for taking this extra step to make our collaborations safer, our response faster and our community stronger.  It has been so important to us to have a Vetted Volunteers network. We are glad that you are joining us!