Global Giving 2019 Recognitions: “Effective,” “Vetted,” “Superstar: Top-Ranked 501(c)(3) Non-Profit”

Recipient and Candidate Advocacy Workgroup

From the very start, people in e-NABLE have responded to requests by collaborating with the need-knower. Together they have rapidly innovated and tested possible solutions. This method can bring together a lot of people: students and young citizen scientists, teachers, physicians, engineers and therapists. You always have people to turn to who have shared this journey – members of the Recipient and Candidate Advocacy Workgroup. This group, led by Sarah Haight – founder of Different Heroes. This group also gathers feedback about devices and collects information about outcomes.

Special Events

Enable Alliance partners with several groups to host Camp ENABLE: Fabrilab hosts events year-round in Bogota, Columbia.  Different Heroes and e-NABLE Alliance host reunions, including lock in parties.  e-NABLE Alliance,  e-NABLE Maryland, and the STREAM Innovation Academy host summer camp at University of Maryland College Park,  and other locations around the DC area. Events are planned

Roadside Repair Kit

E-NABLE Alliance and Different Heroes will be assembling “Roadside Repair Kits” and instructions next month to address the concerns new recipients, grandparents and teachers have about what to do if a hand needs a tune up.

Just for Kids

Some of the youngest members of the e-NABLE community are invited to a workshop to learn about Computer Aided Design (CAD) using the iPAD app “Morphi” to design a maker coin. Chris Coswell of 3D Central has created a tensioner block that you can decorate using stackable and interchangeable maker coins. Kids interested in trading maker coins can let the registrar know. For more information, send email to