Global Giving 2019 Recognitions: “Effective,” “Vetted,” “Superstar: Top-Ranked 501(c)(3) Non-Profit”


Maria Esquela – President and founder of APBLS (Alliance for Project Based Learning Solutions) and e-NABLE Maryland.

Ivan Owen – Founding Board Member, creator and co-designer of the first open-source 3D printed prosthetic hand and founding member of e-NABLE.

Peter Binkley – e-NABLE educator and designer. He and his son, Peregrine Hawthorn, designed the Talon Hand, the Ody Hand, the Flextensor, and the Osprey Hand, and were collaborators on e-NABLE’s Raptor Hand design team. Peter leads the exoskeleton workgroup and shared his unique upper limb exoskeleton design with the community in December 2017.

Janet Fofang – APBLS field coordinator. She is an electrical engineer, co-founder of the Tassah Academy and a WeTech Africa Leadership council member. She has been teaching at the College D’enseignement Technique Industriel et Commercial for 16 years.

Tracye Johnson – APBLS’ Board Secretary and volunteer leadership trainer, she is the Customer Experience Manager at Local Motors National Harbor facility, LM’s global demonstration site.



Jen Owen – Graphic and Webdesign, social media assistant and founder of


Volunteers and Advocates

Christian Silva – Founder, Give Me Five in Bogota, Columbia. Silva does arm, hand and lower limb research, including e-NABLE Myoelectic designs. He is the designer of the Promimetic devices.

Ed Choi – a founder of e-NABLE Sierra Leone, working with e-NABLE Hong Kong on a version of the Gripper arm and hand

Peter Byron – a founder of e-NABLE Canada and e-NABLE Nepal

Crystal Kigoni – founder of Refabdar Voices of Africa – Enable Tanzania and Enable Kenya

Unoma Okorafor, Ph.D. – a founder of WAAW Foundation

Professor Robert Payne – leader of the e-NABLE / SUNY Polytechnic Institute Manufacturing and Operations Living Classroom Project, Utica, New York. This is the first distribution hub for e-NABLE.

Robin Sullivan – SUNY Buffalo; Open Recognitions Alliance

Jim Zahnheiser – University of Maryland College Park

Sophie Kahn – Lady Tech Guild

Lee Williams – Plumcases Mobile Connectivity

Christopher Jackson – Chemical Engineer, Founder, Terrafilum

Nate Kolbeck – Materials Engineering Advisor, founder, Brooklyn 3D

Louisa Mendes Arruda – Smart Fabric and Wearables Advisor

Becca Rogers – Intero Fitness and Intero Prosthetics

Janet Sowden – Advisor regarding FIRST, particularly FTC 1511, and IRB administration

Justine Womack – Advisor, work with vulnerable populations, founder, Women in Alternative Action

Andrea Ippolito, MS – Cornell University – Outreach to Veterans

Heather Button – Youth Volunteer Advocate

Sarah Haight – Candidate and Recipient Support Advocate

Luke Johnston – AR/VR Advisor



Mark Rosenberg, Verified Volunteers

Megan Clokey, NIH 3D Print Exchange

Nate Otto, and the Open Recognitions Alliance

Gerard Dache, Dan Callahan, Government Blockchain Association

Christy Clark Hair – Fishbowl


Special thanks to Michael Raphael and Mike Agronin of Direct Dimensions for their past support, training and creation of instructions for the Raptor in 2014. Your generous assistance has resulted in countless devices created and gifted, and a strong starting point for later innovation. It is still bedrock for our feet.