FEMA Training

Makerspaces should designate a chain of communication to be trained in basic information about how disaster response is coordinated by government and community organizers. They should consider being easy to integrate into meetings and response actions by being vetted and obtaining basic training from FEMA prior to an emergency. They should contact the training coordinator at the Center for Domestic Preparedness for their respective region:

To request training from FEMA training facilities - in person or on line - you need to obtain a FEMA Student ID. This ID is for those signing up for FEMA classes, not just those enrolled in / attending academic institutions.

To register visit: https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid/register

Recommended Courses:

ICS 100 Incident Command Structure: In 4 hours this course provides foundational information for all other training. Gives clear information for the different phases the National Incident Management System / government agencies use to describe activities and determine a response. You can take this for free, in person or on line from many different sources: National Incident Management System (NIMS ICS 100) / FEMA FEMA/EMI IS-100 uses the Emergency Management Institute. You may find that your local area has licensed the curriculum and will include other local information.

FEMA Independent Study Program courses offered at https://training.fema.gov/is/; IS, ICS, and NIMS courses; or other EMI-related requests, please contact the FEMA Independent Study program office at (301) 447-1200 r email [email protected] for assistance.

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