Bit Space Curriculum: 3D Printing Prosthetics

The folks of Bit Space have offered their curriculum package 3D Printing Prosthetics to Teach Engineering, Anatomy, and Empathy.   This package includes 10 comprehensive lessons that guide teachers through 3D printing a prosthetic for a recipient and connecting this work to all areas of the curriculum.

This series of seven challenges engages students in the positive power of engineering and human-centered design.  Lessons are designed to make it easy for grade 4-8 teachers to deliver remotely and include instruction as well as videos that can be assigned directly to students. Centered on the work e-NABLE has done to bring 3D printed prosthetics to people all around the world, students will learn about the Engineering Design Process, how makers and engineers are using that process in the face of Covid 19, the power of empathy in design, anatomy, and simple machines.  The culminating challenge gives students the opportunity to create an initial prototype of an upper limb prosthetic.

Lesson Breakdown:

We’ve broken down this series of lessons or challenges into seven parts:

  1. Engineering Design Process
  2. Using Tech For Good
  3. What is a Limb Difference? 
  4. Getting to Know e-NABLE
  5. Connecting to Anatomy
  6. Simple Machines and the Human Body
  7. Creating a Prototype

Your students will:

  • Be empowered by witnessing the positive impact that “regular people” can make by using their imagination and resources for good.
  • Engage in activities that strengthen empathy and social emotional learning while helping them gain a greater understanding of limb differences.
  • Utilize design thinking and creativity to create a prototype of a prosthetic hand.
  • Increase their understanding of human anatomy and simple machines.
  • Connect prosthetic prototyping to anatomy and biology learning goals.

Curriculum Fee: $250 (a portion of proceeds go to the e-NABLE Volunteer Community)  Click here to purchase curriculum CLICK HERE

*3D Printer access required. Contact us for for assistance.

Plans are underway to offer continuing education credits to teachers in the USA through this program.  To request more information, please email us

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