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To donate through PayPal, please use this link.

A small portion of your donation will be used to pay for Paypal’s processing.


Network for Good: Support Device Recipients and Candidates at Camp e-NABLE, or Make Your Own Campaign

Click here to review e-NABLE Network for Good project sites for news, blog postings, and give your support.

Celebrate the e-NABLE community and movement and consider targeted giving on e-NABLE’s own crowdfunding platform.  e-NABLE Alliance is committed to holding more recipient oriented events in 2020 as part of its Camp e-NABLE programming. We have partnered with Different Heroes, which also tracks device recipient feedback and outcomes while preserving the privacy of device users and their families.

Designating support for Camp e-NABLE directly helps device candidates and recipients who make their own assistive device, and people who need access to technology and mentors to make a device to give someone who needs it – all in the context of collaborating together with advisors and trained staff, and enjoying camp fun. It also helps the families of children with limb differences to enjoy fun activities that are also functional tests and ways to develop workforce skills in service projects.

We Network for Good to launch our own giving campaigns and help members of the community find their voice. You can tell your own story and launch your own challenges and fundraising campaigns and updates, too. As a 501(c)3, we can act as your fiscal sponsor, collecting tax deductible donations on your behalf. You can continue to update your page with pictures and text to update people following your progress and your work.

Network for Good pages make it easy to direct and customize giving. Individuals and chapters can post needs, describe activities, research projects or workgroups, chapter development or mission trips. After their page is reviewed and approved, they can link to their crowdfunding campaign.

If you would like to tell your own story and have your own giving challenge, follow step-by step prompts and editing templates of text. Create links you can share with others. You can also generate a quick code to embed your campaign elsewhere on the web.

Donors can give any amount on a one-time or recurring basis.

Please consider recurring giving, because this helps with planning projects and directing support to the areas you are concerned about:

Network for Good will retain 3% of the donation as a processing fee.


Wire Transfers: Our routing number is 026009593. Our account number is 4460 0384 8840.

If this is an international wire transfer, our SWIFT Code is BOFAUS3N.

Donors will need the following information:

Organization Name: Alliance for Project Based Learning Solutions, Inc.

Incorporation Information: Incorporated in Baltimore, Maryland, June 2017

Trade Name: e-NABLE Alliance / Enable Alliance / ENABLE ALLIANCE

EIN: 82-1886239

Board Members:  Maria Esquela, Ivan Owen, Peter Binkley, Janet Fofang, Tracye Johnson


Checks can be sent to:

The Enable Alliance
5305 Village Center Drive, Suite 206
Columbia, MD 21044