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Saturday, October 17, 2020

10 AM – 5:30 PM


Congressional Maker Caucus Leader Mark Takano

FDA Summarizes
Guidelines Before COVID; Emergency Use;
Personal Experience Deployed to NYC with Maker Made PPE;
New Innovations

e-NABLE Design Summaries


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9:50 AM Conference Overview and Launch

Maria Esquela, president of the e-NABLE Alliance, opens e-NABLE’s first virtual conference.

10:00 AM Welcome, From a Parent, Maker and Founder

Peter Binkley, e-NABLE Co-Founder and e-NABLE Alliance Board Member Welcome remarks and Introductions from Peter Binkley, a founder of e-NABLE and the e-NABLE Alliance, one of its most prolific device designers kicks off the conference as a parent in the community.


10:10 AM Opening Comments from Representative Mark Takano, (D-CA), a Founder and Chair of the Congressional Maker Caucus

Representative Takano’s office is instrumental in promoting making and innovation on Capitol Hill. They run a 3D printer in their office and host the Capitol Hill MakerFaire, host seminars. They have even led members of Congress to field trips at Washington DC makerspaces!

The Congressional Maker Caucus is a bi-partisan group of members of the United States Congress. By working to support and advocate for the community of makers who use technologies such as 3-D printers, CNC machines, laser cutting machines and other manufacturing technologies, thus enabling anyone—from individuals to small and large companies—create new products.

The caucus is currently co-chaired by U.S. Representatives Mark Takano (D-CA), Steve Stivers (R-OH), Tim Ryan (D-OH), Susan Brooks (R-IN).

Representative Takano is also chair of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and serves on the Committee on Education and Labor, the Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training and the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections

10:25 AM Remarks and Introductions Jon Schull, Co-Founder, e-NABLE

Jon Schull is co-founder of e-NABLE, a social and business entrepreneur, inventor, human-computer interaction researcher, and digital community organizer, Schull is the author of 19 patents, most of them informed by his theoretical work in complex adaptive systems and his Ph. D. in Biological Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. Schull and his collaborators pioneer solutions for “Connected Humanitarians” and their beneficiary-partners around the world. He introduces the issue of governance. 

10:35 AM Greeting from Recipients Advocacy Group

Sarah and Cam Haight, Founders of DIfferent Heroes Sarah Haight is the founder of Different Heroes, a 501(c)(3) for children with limb differences, prolific device fabricator, and partner in tracking device recipients.  Her son, Cam, is one of the most prolific designers in the e-NABLE Community because of the method he uses to innovate solutions for himself. They will introduce the values of mentorship, empowerment and community. 

10:45 AM Remarks and Introduction of the Keynote Address by Tracye Johnson

Tracye Johnson is a founding board member of the e-NABLE Alliance, the CEO of NuTECH, and former Collaborative STEM Program Manager for Local Motors. She will introduce the themes of collaborative innovation, entrepreneurship and workforce development.



  • 2020 Before COVID-19: General FDA/AM 
  • 2020 After COVID-19 Emerged: Establishing the Memorandum of Understanding with the Veterans Administration and National Institutes of Health
  • Commander James Coburn’s Deployment to the Javits Center in New York City

  • Dr. Daniel Porter currently is a Regulatory Scientist at the U.S. FDA’s Division of Applied Mechanics researching the properties of additively manufactured (AM) lattice structures and AM facemask sealing efficacy.  Dr. Porter also has experience as a Lead Reviewer in the Office of Orthopedic Devices (OHT6) within the Center of Devices and Radiological Health at the U.S. FDA.  He holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville (UofL).  He completed nearly two years of internships at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico where he researched gas chromatography technologies for national security applications.  Dr. Porter received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UofL where he studied vibrational energy harvesting, MEMS technology, and AM.  He completed his postdoctoral position at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas where he studied AM of ultraviolet industrial silicone and thermally curable medical grade silicone.
  • CDR James Coburn is the Senior Advisor for Emerging Technologies in the U.S. FDA Chief Scientist’s Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats.  He currently provides leadership and expert advice on advanced manufacturing technologies, to FDA’s 3D Printing core research facility, and to external stakeholders and interagency partners.  In addition to his advisory role, CDR Coburn co-chairs the Agency’s Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Working Group and facilitates interagency coordination and community engagement on program activities across a range of advanced manufacturing technologies.  He was previously the Principle Researcher for the FDA 3D printing core facility with a primary research focus on patient-based design factors for 3D printed medical devices as well as manufacturing variability with 3D printing methods. 
  • Dr. Matthew Di Prima received bachelors in Materials Science and Engineering from Rice University and his doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Since 2010, he has been working as research materials scientist at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) in the US Food and Drug Administration. His areas of research are investigating how the additive manufacturing process can affect device performance, the interplay between corrosion and durability testing, and explant analysis.  While supporting all product areas, he predominantly supports cardiovascular and orthopedic product reviews. Along with his research duties, he is the co-Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Working Group which is spearheading efforts across the Agency to address how advanced manufacturing technologies affects medical regulate medical products and is the Chair of the CDRH Additive Manufacturing Working Group which leading efforts across the Center on how additive manufacturing affects medical device performance.


  • Attendees select break out rooms for networking 
  • One room is designated for e-NABLE designers with the representatives of the FDA


  • Facemask Project 
  • Other Innovation Projects 
  • Final Q&A


2:00 PM

Exoskeletons:  Peter Binkley
Peter Binkley is a founder of e-NABLE and the e-NABLE Alliance, one of its most prolific device designers kicks off the conference as a parent in the community. His experience with past exoskeleton designs included work with the Airy Arm and the Frog designs.

Mechanized Exoskeleton:  Bodo Hoenen and Daughter Lorelei
Bodo Hoenen is the proud father of Lorelei, Social Entrepreneur, Innovator, Founder of DEV4X: “Making the world a better place for our kids.” After Lorelei rapidly fell ill with a new strain of polio, she and Bodo began their adventure working with extraordinary volunteers around the world to create a mechanized exoskeleton to help her regain movement of her left arm. She is one the rare young people who have had this disease and regained so much motion of her affected limb.

2:20 PM Hands: K1 Dr. Josue Vargas and Artist Carla Mex
Device user, artist Carla Mex and her OT, Dr. Josue Vargas, join us from Mexico to describe their collaboration and outcomes working on the design.

Maria Esquela will introduce them and share the origin story and work that preceded the design

2:30 PM Upper Arms- Other Designs
Pulgracita and Sports Designs, Roderigo Savage and Geraldine Rios Sosa

Geraldine Ríos Sosa is the Lead Industrial Designer Pararowing Researcher, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) and Intero Prosthetics

Designs in Progress
Alberto Navatta
Dr. Alberto Navatta is Research, Development and Engineering Teams Manager at Interactive Media S.p.A.


Promimetic Hands and Upper Arms by Christian Silva and Fabrilab
Christian Silva, Ph.D. is a Cellink Bioprinting Engineer and founder of Fabrilab in Bogota, Columbia.


3:20 PM   Hands and Upper Arms: NIOP Catalog by Nate Munro and the NIOP Design Team
Nate Monro began the NIOP collection by designing his own arm and adaptors to address daily needs and his life as a guitarist.


4:10  PM Upper Arms: Zelix cuff and other adaptors Donna Zimmerman Donna Zimmerman, Ph.D. is the Assistant Professor of Advanced Manufacturing, Program Chair at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. She has worked as an engineer in nuclear service company, consulting engineering, and glass manufacturing.


4:25 PM Kwaru and Modification of Upper Arms 


Projects in Progress: Bridging Devices to Electronics and Sensors, Smart Textiles and Coding Initiatives. Jacquin Buchanan, with the Becky Button, Luisa Mendes Arruda and updates from Marymount University


Jacquin Buchanan is the designer of the Kwaru arm, intended for use in pa has 30 years experience in product development. He has been the director of Software Development for multiple startup companies. He has been involved in the full product development life cycle including manufacturing, electronics and software development.  Way back in College he was an aspiring sculptor who instead chose to pursue his other passion of computer science. 

Becky Button is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University and a long time e-NABLE volunteer.

Luisa Mendes Arruda, Ph.D. is the e-NABLE Alliance Jen Owen Artist in Residence, and leader of the smart textile activity group.

Marymount University’s Eric Bubar and students have continued to use the campus Makerspace and student run project to experiment with myoelectric interfaces , functional designs and testing.


4:50 PM Update from the Bionic Glove Project Chad Corsey
Chad Corsey is a founder of the Bionic Glove Project.

5 PM Lower Limb NIOP Devices: LEO Anthony Rork, DPT

Lower Limb NIOP Devices: LED Ahmad Alhaj Moussa Ahmad Alhambra Moussa is a co-founder of e-NABLE Syria.

Lower Leg: Promimetic Leg- Clinical Trial Update from Fabrilab Christian Silva Christian Silva, PH.D. is a bioprinter with Cellink,  and founded Fabrilab in Bogota, Columbia. Fabrilab committed to making and giving away a device a week in 2018 and surpassed its goal while partnered with their local hospital to prescribe each prostheses and monitor outcomes.


5:30 PM Networking/Happy Hour/Birds of a Feather
Zoom breakout rooms will offer games, calls to action, and break out discussions.