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e-NABLE CON 2017

Enable Alliance/APBLS is excited to invite you to our first e-NABLE Con!

Join us for a fun-filled and educational weekend!! How to join us virtually and a detailed schedule follow this activity summary:

Please be sure to register for the events and dates you would like to attend by clicking the above button so we can plan appropriately for attendance! You may also register the day of!


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The global e-NABLE Community is marking the 5th anniversary of its genesis – the creation and sharing of an open source 3D printed hand based on a cosplay costume!

The whole e-NABLE community is invited to the University of Maryland College Park from 12/14 – 17 to appreciate our network and grow it: find or be mentors, create collaborative proposals, and increase the visibility of the integrity and quality of the work in the community. Leaders from industry, academia, government and the e-NABLE Community will join us on Saturday morning, 12/16 to give us the context and common ground and address our theme: “The State of the Science, Technology and Our Community.”

On 12/14 there will be advocacy discussions and a visit to the chief organizer of the Congressional Maker Caucus on Capitol Hill; tour of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 3D printing and functional motion testing of assistive devices, lunch and tour of Local Motors – 3D printers of road worthy vehicles at the National Harbor; and community leadership training. The University of Maryland students will post schedules for tours of their extensive 3D printing facilities at the Terrapin works.

On 12/15 the tours of the FDA and Local Motors will be repeated twice, and include 3D printing 101 sessions and lunch at Local Motors. Educational sessions teaching CAD and 3D printing and assembly of e-NABLE designs are held during the day with Peter Binkley, Christian Silva and others. A hackathon simulation will help build confidence and strategies for people developing those events or planning on participating in them in the coming year. From 5:30-8 we will celebrate the people and groups in the community, their skills and experience and the things they would like to do in the future. Jen Owen will open a gallery space, where individuals and groups can describe themselves and share their work, perspectives on their experience, or assert interest in a need, research question, or activity. The room will also display an e-NABLE timeline of images, video and text, where visitors can walk through  e-NABLE’s experience worldwide and add their own milestones and their messages.

On 12/16, Ivan Owen, originator of the first Open Source e-NABLE hand and a founding board member of the Enable Alliance/Alliance for Project Based Learning Solutions, will talk with the group from Washington state. We will also have presenters from the FDA and other speakers from government, academic, and industry during the morning. After lunch the community can share with each other perspectives from youth, recipient families, formal and informal educators addressing e-NABLE project based learning for lifetime learners. After a call for ideas not yet discussed in sessions, participants will break for dinner, working group meetings, and then reconvene for reports, awards, recognitions and a countdown to our new year.

From 9-12 on Sunday, all are welcome to a summary review of the information presented during the week, break out working group sessions and planning events, activities and sharing resources during 2018 and 2019.

Portions of the event will be live streamed and recorded. Details will be announced here on Wednesday 12/13 when tests of the technology conclude.


Tell us about yourself and your group  – where are you located, who do you work with, have you given devices and what was the outcome? What would you like to do in 2018, how could you include others in our community and what do you need to do that? How would you like people to contact you?  If you would like us to post your group information and its project information in the community displays, email this information to If you want to make a video, send a link to that address and we will share it and include it in a display if we can.

Share what you know – You have unique experiences and skills. What do you know about how best to design or work with device recipients/candidates – what should we consider regarding our communication or considerations of environment, culture, resources like power or distribution, or desired functionality. What could you share regarding materials, citizen science, classroom experiences, events? We can post the state of your research, assertion of interest in a study or question, a call for a resource, or other issues in the community displays.

Join us via streaming. Information will be posted on this page on 12/13.

Send your comments and messages to This will be monitored and your questions will be included in our activities.

Support the Local Motors fundraiser, benefitting, and the community effort to help get devices to more people and create distance learning content to engage more people in innovation and science in the global e-NABLE community. Local Motors is helping e-NABLE volunteers create 3D printed snowflakes and staffing sale of the snowflakes at the National Harbor during our conference. For details see their flyer:

Celebrate where you are! Get back in touch with people you’ve met or worked with. Get your chapter or your friends and eNABLE families together. Celebrate what you’ve done! Consider what you could do together.

Connect with someone new on a project you hadn’t thought of. Collaborate! We are makers! Make 2018 our best year yet!




The Enable Alliance invites the e-NABLE community to come to the University of Maryland College Park and celebrate the 5th anniversary of Liam’s first receiving a free, open source, 3D printed hand.

Dec. 14-15 are days of education, tours and reflection at University of MD.


We meet at the TAP Building at 8 am:
Grab food at your hotel or STAMP Student Union Building. Some refreshments are available at staff training.

8-9 Event staff orientation and training

*9-10 Working with vulnerable populations: Gathering and sharing recipient candidate request/intake information and getting feedback
*OR 8:30 to 10: Advocacy Training

10 AM: Shuttle to the FDA and Local Motors for tours; Shuttle from the front of the Engineering building to the Metrorail for people going to Congressional buildings or visiting DC.

10:30-11:45: FDA Tour

11:45: Shuttle to Local Motors

12:15: Pizza Lunch, Courtesy of Local Motors; Tour of customer collaboration system, 3D prototyping and 3D printing of cars, shuttles and other open source vehicle designs.

1:15: Using software at Local Motors to review CAD and 3D printing 101 skills, design snowflakes for Local Motors fundraiser, benefitting the Enable Alliance.

2:00: Return to U MD Terrapin Works 3 D printing labs for review of printing facilities at U MD. Leave your designs for printing.

3-5 PM Working on posters and practicing presentations

5:30 – 8:30 Dinner and Leadership training 

Reviewing the resources available to individuals and groups in the eNABLE Community. Record keeping and a chapters dashboard; making and awarding badges; reporting to show social impact, share news. Solutions Journalism. Internal and external places to present for outreach, funding, and other opportunities.
Posters and 3D printing files final call!


Gallery Closes at 8, DEC. 15


8-9 Event staff orientation and training

*9-10 Working with vulnerable populations: Gathering and sharing recipient candidate request/intake information and getting feedback

OR 8-10 Troubleshooting Device Assembly

TOUR GROUP A: Shuttle to Tours of FDA and Local Motors and National Harbor 10- 2

10-12 Basic CAD Skills and eNABLE Project Based Learning

NOON: Lunch at the STAMP Student Union Building

1-3:30 CAD for Engineers OR 
2 PM Shuttle Pickup TOUR GROUP B: FDA, Local Motors, and National Harbor

3:30 – 5 Visit Terrapin Works submit files for printing.


4-5 PM Hackathon Simulation

5:30 PM – 8 PM – SCIENCE FAIR Events and closing remarks
Registration opens for EnableCon Events: Science Fair Friday, Symposium Saturday, Working Groups on Sunday

Science Fair Demos, displays, poster presentations, and 3 scalable activities:

Enameling ABS; Setting Stones in 3D Printed Settings; Wearables
Troubleshooting failed prints

Opening of the eNABLE Gallery of Design, Art, Objects, and Ephemera

Storytelling stage on the half hour. (Please download the StoryCorps app.)

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16th, 2017 at STAMP Student Union Building

3D printer services staffed at TAP from 8 am – 8 pm, subject to change.
Grab food at your hotel or STAMP Building. Some refreshments are available at staff training.

8 AM: Staff orientation

9 AM – 12:15 PM: Keynote addresses in Banneker Room

12-12:45 Lunch services

1 PM – 1:40 PM

1:45- 4:40 PM Seminars on several tracks, framing working groups for 2018 and building on morning talks

Beyond Hands: Science and technology interactive sessions. Workforce skills. Youth activities and recipient discussion groups.

Enable Designs, R&D, Devices: Peter Binkley and Christian Silva

IP, Blockchain,and Badges: Daniela Amzel and guests from USPTO, Government Blockchain Association, Open Recognitions Alliance, SUNY, NIH and Shapeways.

How to create and give recognition that will help assert open source and critical commons licenses and give social, educational and employment opportunities to the community and the recognition recipient.

Art and Communication – including Educators and Family: Eric Brewer and Jen Owen: Formal and Informal educators on supporting collaborative design and research.

Field Readiness: Janet Fofang: Getting designs, devices, and people ready to serve in the field. Mobile power solutions. Mobile connectivity solutions.

4:45-5:15 Summaries from sessions and virtual participant monitors. Call for proposals and ideas not addressed during after symposia sessions. Recipients and families get the final word.

Working Group announcements.

Break 5:15 -7 PM for dinner. 

7-9 PM Celebrating what we learned:
A brief summary / snapshot of the State of the Science Technology and Our Community. Motions accepted from the floor while identifying action items for Sunday Working Group meetings.

Presenting contest entries, including cosplay costumes – proof of concept for future designs.

Cosplay party, an homage to the origin of the first 3D printed hand in a cosplay costume. Discussion/brainstorming areas open.

9 PM: Last pictures and community countdown to eNABLE’s New Year. Location of planning meetings on Sunday 12/17 announced.



Working groups meet, plan 2018 and 2019
The location will be announced the evening before, based on the number of people attending to summarize resources, needs and opportunities, and a calendar of events.

Hard stop at 12 Noon. Last group picture and farewells. EnableCon Closes.

If anyone wants to join Maria to eat holiday foods and get the stories behind the landmarks during a tour of the National Mall, grab a map and meet on the National Mall. Duration: 90-120 minutes. We will start at the Folger Library with mulled cider and finish with hot cocoa and cookies at the National trees display at the White House.

The hub of our activities at the start of the week at University of Maryland College Park is the Technology Advancement Program Building Makerbot Innovation Center, a lab of over 50 3D printers also known as the Terrapin Works. The University of Maryland MakerBot Innovation Center is a centralized, scalable 3D printing space that empowers everyone to invent, innovate, iterate, and replicate. It has a reputation for printing with carbon fiber, which propelled one of its students to receive a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Terrapin Works will give participants exposure to nine different 3D printers and other related technologies in scanning, CAD, waste plastic recycling and filament extrusion. Their campus tour will include a bioprinting lab.

The main conference rooms on Friday night and Saturday are at the STAMP Student Union.

We hope you will join us at our event and help us plan for a global conference in 2018!