It is with great pleasure that I invite you and representatives of your e-NABLE programs to the annual e-NABLE Retreat and Conference. This invitation is extended to include recipients of your devices, representatives from your network of mentoring and support, and those you work with in youth and community groups.

From October 3-7, key leaders, researchers, and citizen scientists will meet at the University of Maryland College Park for tours, hands-on workshops, presentations and discussions about “The State of the Science, Technology and Our Community.”

You can register for this free event at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/enablecon-2018-tickets-50532324543

We will gather from around the globe to tour the cutting edge facilities in academics, industry and government; share perspectives and data from our activities and research to date, identify priorities and opportunities for collaboration, and meet in working groups to plan activities for 2019 and 2020. This conference is organized by the Alliance for Project Based Learning Solutions, Inc., DBA The E-NABLE Alliance.

Before you leave Home:

  1. Please make a freewill donation to the general fund supporting administration and activities of the e-NABLE Alliance. Use the Pay Pal link under donations, or this link: https://www.paypal.me/enablealliance
  • You can choose what you are able to give, in keeping with your means. Recommended donation for the conference:
    • $500 for individuals or groups able to sponsor ENABLECON 2018. Your name and logo of your chapter or institution will be on signage at the conference, the conference pocket schedule/maps and conference guide.
    • $100 for influencers and sponsors of attendees needing financial support to attend.
    • $ 50 per family attending in person.
    • $ 10 per student attending in person
    • $ 5 per person attending virtually, to help cover audio-visual and transcription expense. You will have an advocate in the room to message with, ask questions on your behalf, or alert regarding difficulties with the web conference.
  • 2. Register at no charge at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/enablecon-2018-tickets-50532324543
  • If you would like to share information or attend tours, or have items addressed, please email about your participation to enablealliance.info@gmail.com. Those traveling, please share in your note:
    • Arrival and departure information
      Your email address and mobile number to receive updates and texts.
  • You must register for trips by September 25, 12 Noon, Eastern Time. If spaces are limited, first come, first served:
  • 3, Make sure you bring:

    • Your photo ID
    • Your laptop and other electronics, with chargers. If you are taking the CAD workshop, please load Meshmixer. CAD for kids, please load the updated version of Morphi.
    • Load the StoryCorp app, and help us capture our stories.
    • Your calendar
    • Business cards and maker coins to exchange
    • Preloaded cash cards, if you want to go to a restaurant or use a vendor in DC who no longer accepts cash
    • Your Metro pass for the DC Metro, if you have one
    • Medications
    • Materials swatches, devices and torture test prints, and any other materials you would like to share, demo or gift
    • Your stories, a smile, and listening ear.


    Below please find:

    • Schedules for events
    • Notes for transportation and lodging
    • Other information about site seeing in Washington DC


    Wednesday 10/3. Today’s Value: Community.

    On Wednesday, October 3, a preconference orientation and roundtable discussion “Activities and Best Practices that Grow Our Values: Community, Mentorship, Empowerment” from 6 – 8:30 PM. Please share your insights from your service in the device working group and your local work.

    Thursday 10/4. Today’s Value: Mentorship.

    Stamp Student Union, meet across from main information desk:

    Morning Report: 8 AM – 9 AM

    8 am – 8:15 AM: Morning News

    8:15-8:55 AM  On-line presentations from volunteers, classrooms and chapters overseas

    • We are going to be joined virtually by presenters from around the world. Backups attending virtually and on-site will be prepared to step up if communication fails.  We are going to try to connect with volunteers leading chapters in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and India.

    • A different set of presenters will repeat this process on Friday. with volunteers leading chapters in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and India.

    A different set of presenters will repeat this process on Friday.

    Workshop: 9 AM – 4 PM “Assembling and troubleshooting 3D Printer, Part 1”

    With special attention to the needs of educators, participants will be guided through assembly of a 3 D printer and troubleshooting during the process. Building from small projects to larger ones, the printer tasks will be aimed at tuning up your printer and your skills for making and assembling e-NABLE hands. Led by eNABLE Odenton.

    Workshop: 9 AM -11 AM “Citizen Science and Open Data Projects”

    The e-NABLE community includes highly trained subject matter experts collaborating on designs and devices with the device recipient of any age, the device candidate’s support network, and with citizen scientists: students, parents and enthusiasts.  We will look quickly at the role of citizen science in our community, highlighted by the morning web conference. We will look at what open data is, and the latest projects in the e-NABLE community. Participants will have hands-on time working on one or more projects and will review how to present them to others.


    Afternoon tour of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory  12:30-3:30

      2-3 hour tour. US Citizens and permanent residents only. Government issued ID required.
      Limit of 25
      No recording devices allowed on tour.
      Meeting at first stop of tour: Classroom of Kossiakoff Center, 111000 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, Maryland.
      Stop Two: Fabrications Lab and TMR Prosthetics Lab
      Stop Three: 3D Printing or NASA Lab
      Stop Four: Security perimeter/cafeteria to record Q&A interview with staff member


    Go to the University of Maryland Dairy. Get one of their amazing milkshakes or some ice cream. You won’t regret it.

    Take a campus tour. Schedule through the admissions office (sign up on their webpage), or visit the 3D printing facilities on campus – including the poly jet printers used by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Sign up on the door of the Terrapin Works Lab in the Technology Advancement Program Building.

    Use the on-campus facilities: gym, pool, rock climbing; movie theater; bowling and pool and arcade games; park and biking and hiking trails; art galleries at the University of Maryland College Park Conference Center. There may be fees and guides lines for these activities. See the campus website or app for more information.Workshop: 9 AM – 4 PM “Assembling and troubleshooting 3D Printer, Part 1”

    With special attention to the needs of educators, participants will be guided through assembly of a 3 D printer and troubleshooting during the process. Building from small projects to larger ones, the printer tasks will be aimed at tuning up your printer and your skills for making and assembling e-NABLE hands.

    Visit local attractions like the Aviation Museum, and the fields where the Wright brothers taught the US Navy pilots to fly. See their websites for more information.

    5-7 PM PIZZA and e-NABLE Leadership Training: “Storytelling, Solutions Journalism and Science”

    The power of our on-line community has been rooted in the blogs and notes that inspire and blaze a trail for others who will follow, and face the same failures or unknowns. The greatest honor we exchange in our community is trusting our stories to each other.

    The challenge tonight is to listen to ourselves and each other. Ironically, we begin with talking about listening.

    Your audio and video stories will be recorded: Quickly share the field trip or an e-NABLE experience with others using a discussed technique or share your own process.

    We also will discuss aspects of telling your story, even when your story is still in process:

    o Blogging and Podcasting

    o Storytelling as Research: Qualitative Studies

    o Advocacy – Using your voice

    o Solutions Journalism

    o Communicating Science for General Audiences

    o The power and wonder of a great project notebook – what are the scientists at all levels doing to share their work with others?

    o Logical Fallacies – Critical reasoning and critical listening

    o Publications: Zines and Preprints

    7-8 PM Bioprinting for Young Scientists. Christian Silva

    Friday 10/5, Happy National Manufacturing Day! Today’s Value: Empowerment

    Start Location: Stamp Student Union, meet across from main information desk: 8 – 9

    8 am – 8:15 AM: Morning News. Summary of remarks by Rolling Thunder 1511: Personal is Political – Youth Political Advocacy

    8:15-8:55 AM.  On-line presentations from volunteers, classrooms and chapters overseas

    • We are going to be joined virtually by presenters from around the world. Backups attending virtually and on-site will be prepared to step up if communication fails.  We are going to try to connect with volunteers in France, Canada, Cameroon and Haiti.

    • The distance presenters are new, not a repeat of the Thursday program.

    9 AM – Departures

    TO Washington, DC – Use the free shuttle across the street from the Student Union to get to the College Park stop of the Washington DC metro.

    TO NASA Goddard Space Flight Center-Pick up at the west entrance.

    TO Direct Dimensions – This tour and transportation to Owings Mills are self-scheduled as part of the activities for National Manufacturing Day. Anyone who books this tour: please email enablealliance.info@gmail.com or text (443) 413-3539 to let us know. If there are enough people, we will try to help you coordinate transportation.


    10 am -12 pm NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

    Limit of 25. Photo ID required. School ID sufficient for minors. Government ID required for adults.

    Limited to US Citizens only. Photographs and video allowed during tour and Q & A.

    Stop One: NASA Goddard SFC Visitors Center

    Stop Two: Fabrication Lab

    Stop Three: Assembly

    Stop Four: Payload Testing

    11 – 12 Direct Dimensions, Inc. tour.

    10310 S Dolfield Rd

    Owings Mills, MD 21117

    Register by contacting the office of Michael Raphael (410) 998-0880 or info@dirdim.com

    Direct Dimensions will showcase a variety of 3D scanning and imaging systems widely used for various manufacturing and industrial applications. This group created the first wordless instructions for the Raptor Reloaded, and sponsored the Scouts and local volunteers e-NABLE efforts in 2014.

    Direct Dimensions, Inc. (DDI) provides the most advanced 3D scanning and 3D imaging services and products for converting the widest range of physical objects, artifacts, parts, facilities, spaces and even people into high quality 3D digital formats for a wide variety of applications. DDI employs over 25 technical and professional staff and has performed 1000’s of amazing 3D scanning projects across virtually all industries from aerospace, automotive, art and architecture to museum, military, medical and movies. Come see one of the most unique 3D scanning systems for capturing people instantly.


    9 am – 4 pm “Assembling and Troubleshooting 3D Printer, Part 2”

    With special attention to the needs of educators, participants will be guided through assembly of a 3 D printer and troubleshooting during the process. Building from small projects to larger ones, the printer tasks will be aimed at tuning up your printer and your skills for making and assembling e-NABLE hands. Presented by eNABLE Odenton.

    2 PM – 4 PM How to Measure Device Candidates and Customize Devices Working Collaboratively Using CAD

    • Review of Peter Binkley’s tutorial and hands on practice

    • Using test cases to customize models

    • Workgroup practices and available resources: Using of Morphie in the classroom, Debut of Ergo Creo, and experiencing the strengths and weaknesses of other tools

    • Ways to Adjust CAD Settings to Accommodate Vision Impairments

    4 PM – 5 PM Christian Silva: Working with Hydrogels in Bioprinting


    5:30  PM – 9 PM Posters and Gallery and Science Fair

    Individuals, groups and chapters are invited to send posters and displays that reflect who they are and what they do. In keeping with the theme- “State of the Science, State of the Technology and State of the Community” – please be sure to talk with exhibitors staffing at the start of the event. Highlights:

    • FIRST Team 1511 – This team held a workshop about e-NABLE at the FIRST world championships and is the formative leadership for e-NABLE Alliance workgroup advocating for youth volunteers, and for helping youth volunteers find their political voice.

    • “3 D Printing in Hydrogels: new techniques create stronger materials for design.”

    • Posters from chapters, particularly those creating or testing new designs

    • Remote link presentation on the new designs

    6:00 PM – 9 PM    e-NABLE Science Fair Presentations

    6 PM-6:30 PM           University of Maryland College Park Lower Limb Prosthetics Projects: Working with People and Animals

    • With Forward from Christian Silva: the Promemetic Leg and Student Projects Designing Feet

    • Terrapin Works: Process of designing a prosthetic leg for a dog

    6:30 PM-6:45 PM           University of Maryland College Park Test of Portable Ultrasound Equipment

    The use of tissue density data and Polyjet printing to 3D print custom prosthetic sockets has raised the question about field teams’ access to portable ultrasound equipment.  After a quick overview about the state of the science and technology in this area, we will learn more about the portable ultrasound equipment recently tested at the University of Maryland College Park.

    6:45 PM -7:45 PM George Mason University’s Siddhartha Sikdar and students. Using Miniaturized Ultrasound Transducers in Prosthetic Hands

    Dr. Sikdar has joint appointments in George Mason University Bioengineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is a PI at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study and a guest researcher with the Rehabilitation Medicine Department at the NIH Clinical Center.

    7:30 PM – 8:00 PM Myoelectric Projects: Marymount and University of Maryland College Park lead presentations

    8:00 PM – 8:45 PM Bionic Glove Project: Robotic Glove with Haptic Feedback presented by Chad Corsey

    Saturday, October 6. ENABLECON!

    The Saturday e-NABLE Annual Conference is held in the Stamp Student Union Building. Morning sessions and working lunch discussions are in the Atrium. Anyone preordering lunch during check in can pick it up at a station at the back of the Atrium.

    Lunch goers can go to many restaurants and fast food vendors in the Student Union or area surrounding campus.

    Follow instructions and maps for afternoon and evening breakout and workgroup sessions.

    8:30 AM Check in and preorder meals. Be ready for a “Class photo” at 8:50 am with the keynotes starting at 9 AM.

    9:15  Food and Drug Administration Guidelines for 3D Printing Medical Devices

    10:30 Shapeways’ Michael Weinberg, IP and Senior General Legal Counsel on Open Source and Intellectual Property

    Summary presentations from various workgroups will follow:

    • Project Alchemy: Recycling waste plastic and failed prints into filament and new parts. Discussion with enterprise-scale and DIY makers, including Aaron Westbrook.
    • Printer Review
    • Materials Review
    • Apps and online resources in our community
    • Recipients’ Advocacy Workgroups

    Preordered lunches will be delivered at 12 to stations at the back of the Atrium.

    Afternoon breakout sessions from 1-5:45 pm are on two tracks.

    Devices Track addresses the issues in printing, assembling, fitting, and testing categories of devices, featuring designers presenting specific models and feedback from medical volunteers from Hanger Clinic facilities and other institutions. The track is facilitated by representatives of the devices workgroup, including Ken Bice and Donna Zimmerman and students from University of Maryland. Device designers presenting their work include Skip Meetze, Christian Silva, Chad Corsey in person and others virtually.

    Values Track addresses guidelines and restrictions for additive manufacturing outside the US; badges; service learning and education; international engagement; advocacy; work with animals; comparing and contrasting issues related to adult and youth recipients and volunteers; addressing issues of spirit, socialization and mental health issues in eNABLE projects as experienced by recipients and volunteers. Activities and recommendations are illustrations of building up Community, Mentorship, and Empowerment.

    Camp E-NABLE is a series of afternoon activities led by trained volunteers.

    • With the theme “Lights, Camera, Action,” we will explore conductive paint and paper flashlights, stop animation, and wearables using Lilypad Twinkles and conductive thread.
    • Test some body powered devices and a myoelectric experiment
    • A CAD station will guide participants in customizing using free programs and review new releases.
    • Make and decorate snowflakes. Your support of the e-NABLE Alliance Holiday Helping Hands fundraiser is greatly appreciated!

    5:45 pm to 7:30 pm Break for religious observances and dinner.

    7:39-9 PM On Saturday night, we honor our start in 2011 when a cosplay costume was the proof of concept that launched our community’s digital humanitarian movement. The community will enjoy a cosplay party, costumes not required. We will highlight creativity, quality and integrity in the community with recognitions and a countdown to our community’s New Year. A group photo and send off at the end of the night will conclude festivities.

    SUNDAY, October 7

    Interested members of the community will review and amend a summary of key information from the retreat and conference.

    We will break into working groups to identify common needs, key mentors and hubs of activity, and priorities and opportunities for collaboration.

    Together, we will increase representation of leadership from the global community, initiate longer term planning of activities and empower more in the community to participate in boosting and sharing resources.

    Calendar planning will emphasize but not be limited to 2018 and 2019 plans to support outreach and education. This includes nurturing emerging scientists and humanitarians, developing communications and mentored Citizen Science, access to training and technology for the underserved.


    Service Hours

    Participants will receive recognition for service hours after the conference from both the e-NABLE Community and from the e-NABLE Alliance/APBLS as the 501(c) (3) supporting it.

    If you need any other paperwork about your service completed, please bring it with you to the conference and inform people before Morning News Updates or at Conference Check-In.



    The closest airport is Baltimore-Washington International (BWI).

    Reagan National Airport (DCA) and Dulles International (IAD) are connected by Washington DC Metro services. IAD, in Northern Virginia, is home to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Air and Space Museum, and worth visiting if time allows.

    You can use Uber, Lyft, or SuperShuttle to get from an airport to the University.

    Ground Transportation from Each Airport

    Airport Super Shuttle/Blue Van Services

    Online Reservations

    Phone: 1-800-258-3826 (1-800-BLUEVAN)

    Offers 24-hr. door-to-door service to most hotels, homes, and offices in the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia metropolitan area. The fare to College Park from BWI Airport is ~$27; from National/Reagan Airport the fare is ~$25; from Dulles, ~$38. Reservations are not needed for passengers leaving the airport; you need only to follow the signs to Ground Transportation (Courtesy Desk) to check in for the next available van. (You may have to wait for them to receive all shuttle passengers.) If the desk is closed, and/or the van already left the airport, pick up the Courtesy Phone and follow the directions given you; transportation will be arranged for you. Reservations for your return to the airport are needed, and they require 4 hrs. advance notice.

    From Reagan/National Airport:

    Taxi fare from Reagan/National Airport to College Park is typically ~$50. (You should verify with the driver that the fare is near that range.) There is a metrorail line servicing College Park from National/Reagan to College Park. Take the “Yellow Line” to Mt. Vernon Square Convention Center, then transfer to the “Green Line” to College Park.

    From BWI Airport:

    The Greenbelt-BWI Airport Express Line is a Metro nonstop bus service from BWI to Greenbelt Metro Station (fare is $3–MUST have exact change). It runs every 40 minutes. From the Greenbelt Metro station, take the Metro one stop to the College Park station where you can ride the free UMShuttle to campus.

    Also available at the BWI Ground Transportation located at the lower level are LIMOUSINE SERVICE [(301) 912-2000] and BWI TAXI SERVICE [(410) 859-1100; the fare is ~$60 to College Park.

    From Dulles International Airport:

    TAXI fare to/from College Park is ~$75 (about 45-60 minutes’ drive).


    The METRORAIL system includes Metrorail maps at all stations and on each car of their trains which easily indicate every stop for each (color-coded) rail line. You’ll find phones to call a taxi [the numbers to a local taxi (Capitol Cab) is (301) 322-8877], although often there are cabs already waiting for passengers at the stations. As you approach College Park from Washington, to your left is the West side of the Metro Station (Calvert Road) (~20-40 minute walk to Campus). However, taxis and shuttle bus pickup lanes are located on the East (right) side.


    The University of Maryland operates a free shuttle service (red & white UM Shuttle buses) which runs Mon.-Fri. to the College Park Metrorail station at 15-minute intervals beginning at 6:40 AM from the East Side of the metrorail station. (The last return from campus will be at 7:50 PM; during academic year the last run is at 3:00 AM. Stop and Pick-up points on campus are at the UM Circle in front of the Physics Bldg. and at Lot HH by the Stamp (Student) Union, which is two blocks up from the Physics Bldg. (see Campus Map.) If you want to visit Washington, DC, you may find it easier to take the Metrorail instead of driving to the downtown areas. The College Park Metrorail Station does have all day parking on the East side of the station. From Route 1, take Paint Branch Parkway (at the traffic light, across from Campus Drive) to the Station, and follow the signs for the appropriate parking lots.


    College Park Local Taxi service (Capitol Cab) is 301-322-8877, however often taxis are already at the hotel and transportation hubs.


    There are AMTRAK Train Stations in Washington, DC (Union Station) and at New Carrollton, MD. From either station, you would take a taxi to College Park; the fare would be around $20 from New Carrollton. If there are no taxis already at the station, our local Maryland taxi network can be reached at (301) 864-7700.

    Accommodations and Dining

    The College Park Campus has over 7 hotels ranging from economical, 2-star options with wi-fi and breakfast to 4-star resort-like options.

    • You also can make reservations at the beautiful, new Cambria Hotel using the discounted hotel blocks under the name e-NABLE. Reservation Link: https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/WV3BZ4. Address: 8321 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD, 20740, US. Phone: (301) 595-2600 Fax: (301) 595-2601. Traveling south on Baltimore Avenue from I-495 S – Continue south until you reach Pontiac Street on your left. The hotel is on the 8300 block of Baltimore Avenue. Traveling north on Baltimore, continue north on Baltimore Avenue until you pass Berwyn House Road. The hotel is on your right on the 8300 block of Baltimore Avenue.
    • Some rooms remain in a courtesy block of hotel rooms at the College Park Marriott Hotel at the University of Maryland Conference Center. To get to the University of Maryland Inn and Conference Center from U.S. Route 1, turn West on Campus Drive (if you’re traveling South on Route 1 that will be on your right), go half-way around the “Big M” cirle and continue straight. Campus Drive will curve towards the left. Then take the first right after the curve continuing on Campus Drive. Just before the signal lights at Campus Drive, Adelphi, and Rt. 193, turn right onto the drive to the Inn and Conference Center
    • Comfort Inn and Suites: The Comfort Inn and Suites is located about a mile north of the University’s campus at 9020 Baltimore Ave. [US Route 1], College Park, Maryland (301)441-8110.
    • Quality Inn and Suites: The Quality Inn and Suites is located about 3 blocks south of the University’s campus at 7200 Baltimore Ave. [US Route 1], College Park, Maryland (301)864-5820. They’re also about 3 blocks from the Metrorail station as you come up Calvert Road to Route 1.
    • Follin Guest House: The Follin Guest House is located about 4 blocks south of the University’s campus at 6801 Baltimore Ave. (US Rt. 1), College Park, MD 20740 (301) 277-9633. Well-kept brick cape cod home with a few bedrooms; the front faces Route 1; the back faces a wooded yard. Guests share bathroom facilities.

    The Stamp Student Union Building, where we are holding our activities, has an extensive food court, co op, stores and recreation areas ranging from pottery and bowling to a movie theatre and games.

    The campus also has several pools used, a rock climbing facility and gym. During downtime, you may want to enjoy these or the hiking and bike trails.


    • If you or any members of your party have any dietary restrictions or need any other accommodations, please inform organisers right away: enablealliance.info@gmail.com or +1 443-413-3539, via voice, FaceTime, Messenger or WhatsApp
    • Recent legislation in Washington, DC allows restaurants and other vendors to refuse cash payments. Be prepared to use electronic payment systems, including prepaid cash cards. If you have ever wanted to test using crypto currency for day to day transactions, it is possible to do that in this area.

    You can ship materials ahead to:

    APBLS / e-NABLE Alliance

    5393 Village Center Drive, Suite 206

    Columbia, MD 21044

    +1 443-542-9200;  +1 443-413-3539, WhatsApp

    Or from Amazon to the Amazon@CollegePark location. This is an on-campus store and lockers, located at Terrapin Row, 4200 Guilford Drive, B1 College Park, MD 20740. Business hours are 9 am-9 pm.